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‘Let’s try to put it all behind us’
Richard Eastwick (Hugo Weaving) has a second son, Richie (Robert Menzies), who has returned from the Second World War a broken man. He was a prisoner of war of the Japanese and seems unable to settle to life back in Australia. He feels guilt that he survived when so many others didn’t and can’t seem to shake off the terrible nightmares that keep bringing back to him what happened in thos
Jul 07, 2008
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Inheriting the earth
Now a widower, Richard Eastwick’s (Hugo Weaving) son, David (Peter Phelps), had gone to fight in the First World War over his father’s objections. He is killed in action and Richard is heartbroken that he will no longer have an heir to inherit his vast pastoral properties. In mourning, he is comforted by Frances (Judy Morris) who will become his second wife and the mother of a second son.
Jul 07, 2008
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She's not for you
Richard Eastwick (Hugo Weaving) is newly arrived from England, a poor young immigrant with no prospects. He’s befriended by a government clerk who invites him to live in the same boarding house. Richard is smitten by a young woman, Kate McBride (Victoria Longley), the daughter of an evangelical preacher, the Reverend McBride (Harold Hopkins).
Jul 07, 2008
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