March 2001, BBC One

Lynley and Havers are foisted upon one another by their boss at Scotland Yard to solve the murder of a farmer in Yorkshire. Sparks fly as plain, working-class Havers resents Lynley’s charm, good looks and affluent lifestyle as the eighth Earl of Asherton.
But despite their personal differences, the pair crack the case and a mutual respect blossoms.

Away from the investigation, Lynley faces personal heartache when the woman he loves has just married his best friend.

Guest stars included Anthony Calf as Simon St James, Amanda Ryan as Deborah St James, Emma Fielding as Helen Clyde and Brendan Coyle as Richard.

Season 1



8 April 2002, 8pm, BBC One

Detective Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers are drawn into the closed world of prestigious public school Bredgar Hall when a promising young pupil, Matthew Whateley, goes missing.

Lynley brings Havers along, knowing that her frank, no-nonsense attitude will cut straight through the school’s elaborate facades and archaic traditions. She seeks out Matthew’s friend, Harry Morant, but is frustrated to find that that the school code prevents him from opening up to her – even when Matthew’s dead body is discovered in a nearby churchyard.

Lynley and Havers’ investigation penetrates the heart of this exclusive institution and they uncover a Mafia-like society run by the school’s élite sixth-formers. It is an underworld of drug taking and dealing, bullying and blackmail, a twisted reaction to the relentless pressure placed on the boys to fulfil the expectations of family and society. When Harry Morant disappears, the race is on to find Matthew’s killer before he too is harmed.

Guest stars included Bill Nighy as Lockwood, Martin Jarvis as Cowfrey Pitt and John Sessions as John Corntel.


15 April 2002, 8pm, BBC One

Lynley and Havers travel to the Highlands of Scotland, where an eminent playwright has been murdered. The suspects are glamorous stars of the film and theatre world, who have been rehearsing their new play in impresario Sir Stuart Stinhurst’s remote country pile.

Lynley is astonished to find old friend Helen Clyde among Stinhurst’s guests and less than pleased to discover that she’s in love with director Rhys Davies Jones, a prime suspect. When a young handyman is also murdered, Lynley discovers that Stinhurst, Davies Jones and David Sydeham – manager and husband of the leading lady – had all had relationships with the boy’s late mother.

Lynley and Havers then unearth a complex web of sexual jealousy and betrayal that playwright Joy Sinclair was ready to expose. In a terrifying race to unmask the murderer in their midst, Havers has to remind Lynley that his desire to protect Helen might be affecting his professional judgement, and Lynley has to confront his true feelings for Helen, while luring the killer into a trap.

Guest stars included Ronald Pickup as Sir Stuart Sinhurst, Jonathan Firth as Rhys Davies Jones, Camilla Power as Joanna Sydeham, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


22 April 2002, 8pm, BBC One

In the rarefied world of Cambridge, Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of Elena Weaver – a stunning young deaf student, bludgeoned to death on a morning run. When it emerges that she was pregnant, Elena’s life seems to have been a mystery to even those closest to her.

Lynley and Havers build up a picture of a promiscuous, playful girl with many admirers, including Gareth Randolph, pillar of the deaf community and tortured by unrequited love for Elena; lascivious English tutor Dr Thorsson; and Victor Troughton, the family friend to whom Elena was secretly engaged. Her father is eminent historian Dr Phillip Weaver, an ambitious man who abandoned Elena and her mother, Glyn, for young and stylish Justine. But Weaver has recently had an affair with Sarah Gordon, a passionate and well-respected artist, who discovered Elena’s body.

Helen is staying in Cambridge with her sister, Pen. Desperate to repair the damage he did to their friendship when they last met, Lynley seeks Helen out and, as she reflects on the selfishness of love and desire, he gains insight into the confusion surrounding Elena’s death.

Lynley and Havers become divided in their pursuit of the murderer. But when another student is killed, a dizzy chase ensues with Lynley’s convictions proving sound, as he pursues Weaver to a dramatic, final confrontation with the killer.

Guest stars included Tim Pigott-Smith as Phillip Weaver, Sophie Ward as Justine Weaver, Cherie Lunghi as Sarah Gordon, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


29 April 2002, 8pm, BBC One

In an apparently tranquil Lancashire village, Lynley investigates the mysterious poisoning of vicar Robin Sage.

Local herbalist Juliet Spence has fed Sage water hemlock instead of wild parsnip, but was it a tragic mistake or a deliberate act? Spence’s vegetable store is easily accessible, which means that there are any number of suspects.

Lynley and Havers are helped by local policeman Steve Shepherd but soon discover that Shepherd and Spence are having an affair. Shepherd’s attempts to put spurned lover Polly Yarkin, the vicar’s housekeeper, in the frame don’t wash with Lynley, who is more interested in Juliet’s obsessive devotion to her only daughter, Maggie.

A investigation into Robin Sage’s background uncovers a tragedy in his past. His wife, Suzanna, committed suicide after the death of their baby son but her body was never found. Lynley and Havers track down Kate Gutterman, the social worker sister of Robin’s late wife, and a photograph of Suzanna Sage proves to be none other than Juliet Spence herself.

Lynley and Havers deduce that Juliet faked her own suicide, then abducted another woman’s baby and began a new life. When Robin turned up on her doorstep, she took drastic action to keep her secret safe.

In an abandoned railway building, Lynley uses all his skills of diplomacy to persuade an armed and desperate Juliet to give herself up, leaving Maggie devastated and alone.
Meanwhile, Lynley’s friendship with Helen finally crosses the line into love, but Helen panics and bolts. In the midst of this challenging case, Lynley faces rejection but refuses to give up hope for the future.

Guest stars included Pippa Haywood as Juliet Spence, Jason Merrells as P.C. Steve Shepherd, Charlotte Salt as Maggie Spence, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.

Season 2



10 March 2003, 8pm, BBC One

The body of cricket star, Kenneth Fleming, is found in a burnt out house and seems to be the victim of an arson attack. It emerges that Kenneth has three women in his life – his lifelong patron and mentor, Miriam Whitelaw, his married lover, Gabriella Patten and his childhood sweetheart and devoted wife Jeannie. A complex web of family ties proves difficult to untangle and Havers starts to question Lynley’s tactics.

Guest stars included Phyllis Logan as Miriam Whitelaw, Neve McIntosh as Olivia Whitelaw, Clare Swinburne as Gabriella Patten, Ruth Gemmell as Jeannie Waring, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


17 March 2003, 8pm, BBC One

Lynley and Havers investigate a case of conspiracy involving Eve Bowen MP, who seems to be about to bring the government down. Eve enlists the help of her close friend and criminal profiler, Helen Clyde. Lynley and Havers are faced with blackmailers and deception in their hunt to find a murderer.

Guest stars included James Hazeldine as Dennis Luxford, Sophie Okonedo as Eve Bowen, Simon Chandler as Alistair Harvie, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


24 March 2003, 8pm, BBC One

Lynley’s dreams come true as he returns to his ancestral pile to marry his beloved Helen. However, a brutal murder on the grounds of his idyllic Cornish estate sheds new light on the Inspector and his surprisingly dysfunctional family.

Guest stars included Gabrielle Drake as Lady Asherton, Peter Egan as Dr Trenarrow, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


31 March 2003, 8pm, BBC One

The body of a young Asian man is found on a beach in the seaside resort of Balford-le-Nez. Havers finds herself with time on her hands as Lynley is on honeymoon in Peru, and when she discovers the investigation is being run by a friend she goes to see if she can lend a hand.

Guest stars included Amita Dhiri as Yumna Malik and Saeed Jaffrey as Akram.

Season 3



4th March 2004, BBC One

Lynley’s assigned to a double murder, and persuades DCI Webberley to allow Havers onto the case. Young and attractive Nicola Maiden has been bludgeoned to death, whilst her apparent camping companion Gerry Cole has been stabbed. Nicola’s father, retired Superintendent in vice Andy Maiden, is convinced that his daughter is victim of a grudge killing by someone he helped put away.

As they uncover a wealth of dark secrets, Lynley and Havers are led into a murky world of prostitution and revenge in search of the killer’s identity.

Guest stars included Timothy West as Andy Maiden, Sorcha Cusack as Nan Maiden, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


11th March 2004, BBC One

Lynley and Havers are called away from DCI Webberley’s silver wedding anniversary party when a woman is killed on a quiet London street.

The victim, Eugenie Martin, has been knocked down and driven over several times. The man who found the body, James Pitchley, lives locally and has been detained until he can be ruled out of the investigation. Havers finds an address in Eugenie’s car suggesting that she was on her way to visit Pitchley. However, when Lynley and Havers question him, he denies knowing Eugenie and is evasive about his whereabouts that night.

Havers traces Eugenie’s ex-husband, Richard, and their son, Gideon, a virtuoso violinist. Neither Richard nor Gideon have seen Eugenie for 30 years, since she left after her daughter, Sophie, was killed by her nanny.

Lynley and Havers are convinced that the key to Eugenie’s murder lies in Sophie’s death and the pressure is on to find the killer before he or she strikes again.

Guest stars included David Calder as Richard Martin, Anthony Higgins as James Pitchley, Patrick Kennedy as Gideon Martin, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


18th March 2004, BBC One

DC Havers and DC Billy Slaven discover a woman’s body. It appears she’s committed suicide, but Havers feels something is wrong and calls for assistance from Scenes of Crime Officers.

Havers is then called to see Assistant Commissioner Hillier. She assumes she’ll be reprimanded, but he commends her action and tells her that the dead woman, Morag MacNichol, was murdered. Hillier assigns her to the case with Lynley.

They both search Morag’s flat, but all the find is a large amount of money hidden in a cupboard. The only clue is a sighting of a young man at Morag’s flat on the night of the murder.

Lynley, is convinced that the answer lies in Morag’s personal life especially when he learns that Morag had recently been contacted by the son she gave up for adoption eighteen years ago.

Guest stars included Jenny Agutter as Jemma Sanderson, Terence Harvey as Nigel Sanderson, Daniel Ryan as Red Maguire, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.


25th March 2004, BBC One

Lynley and his pregnant wife Helen attend the funeral of Professor Dermot Finnegan. A forensic psychologist and Helen’s former mentor, Finnegan has been murdered by a car bomb.

Lynley and Havers are assigned to find the killer and at the funeral, Havers monitors the mourners in case he or she should turn up. They find their first suspect when a car at the funeral turns out to be owned by Peter Stephanopholous, a convicted murderer who Finnegan helped put away. Also at the funeral is a mysterious woman who no-one recognises and who slips away afterwards without talking to anyone.

They go to Finnegan’s home to interview Grace, his wife, and Maureen, his ex-wife, who has forced her way into staying with Grace until Finnegan’s will is read. Havers searches Finnegan’s office where she finds a bundle of letters and photographs from women with whom he has had affairs – including one from Helen.

Helen is eager to be involved with the case but Lynley insists that she should be taking it easy. Despite that, Helen goes through the Finnegan files finds a love letter from Stephanopholous’ wife, Gina. Helen sets off in her car to give the letter to Lynley but, on a quiet country road, someone shoots at Helen’s car, driving it off the road and into a tree. On admission to hospital, it’s discovered that Helen’s baby has died. Helen, unable to cope with the loss of the baby and her deteriorating relationship with Lynley, decides to leave him.

Lynley throws himself into solving the case. With Havers’ help, he confronts the murderer – Tessa Jellicoe, who’d been having a relationship with Finnegan’s wife Grace. As events spiral out of control, Grace fires a gun at Tessa, but Havers gets in the way and is accidentally shot herself. Lynley calls for help, but it looks as though he may have lost both of the women closest to him…

Guest stars included Jemma Redgrave as Grace Finnegan, Barbara Flynn as Maureen Finnegan, and Lesley Vickerage as Helen Clyde.

Season 4



Thursday 17 March 2005, 8pm, BBC One

It’s Havers’ first day back at work after being shot. She and the team are assigned to a case in rural Suffolk, where a young woman has been murdered with a shot gun. Lynley is worried of the effect the case will have on Havers. When a photo of the murdered woman arguing with a man is sent to the local police station and a mysterious word is painted on the wall of the crime scene it seems that someone connected with the case is trying to send them clues. The clues lead them to uncover a secret that the village had kept hidden for years. In a final confrontation Havers has to face her fears of being back in the line of fire.

Guest stars include Richard Armitage as Philip Turner.


Thursday 24 March 2005, 8pm, BBC One

Havers is spending her compensation money learning Akido at a retreat in Cornwall. Lynley is also in Cornwall visiting his mother, when a horse trainer who lives on a neighbouring estate is found hanged in his stable. The victim’s money worries points to a verdict of suicide but when Lynley discovers a connection to a local smuggling racket he becomes suspicious. Another lead takes them into the local horse world where they come into contact with the local aristocracy. Lynley is forced to think about where his future lies – with the police or running his family estate? The killer may be closer to home than they imagined.

Guest stars include Gabrielle Drake as Lady Asherton, Adrian Bower as Tremayne, Doug Allen as Laclan and Stella Gonet as Lady Sarah Keach.


Thursday 31 March 2005, 8pm, BBC One

Back in London, Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of a doorkeeper at the House of Lords. It looks as if the murder may be connected to his gambling debts but when a Clerk at the House is also murdered, events seem to point to a wider conspiracy involving stolen documents. Havers traces the missing documents – a test report on a missile system. But they soon realise that they themselves are being followed. The question is – who would benefit from the suppression of the test report. And is that who is having Lynley and Havers followed? Will they be able to get to the killer before someone else gets to him?

Guest stars include Roger Allam as Fanshaw, Claudie Blakley as Leatitia Gane, Tony Haygarth as Bob Tamworth, Clive Merrison as Geoffrey Crammond, and Matilda Ziegler as Christine Marshall.


Thursday 7 April 2005, 8pm, BBC One

Lynley and Havers are called to Smithfield’s market where the body of a man has been found frozen on a meat truck. The victim is carrying a British passport and a page of vellum with golden Arabic script. The passport turns out to be a forgery and it appears that the victim was an illegal immigrant – was it an accidental death or did he fall foul of the traffickers who brought him into the country? The case takes another turn when the page turns out to be part of an immensely valuable ancient golden Koran, more than enough motive for murder. As the case progresses Lynley locks horns with DI Brennan of the immigration department. Lynley has to ask himself how much he is willing to risk in order to solve the case.

Guest stars include Matilda Ziegler as Christine Marshall and Mark Benton as Blackwell.

 Season 5



Thursday 9 August 2007, 8pm, BBC One

Lynley (Nathaniel Parker), Havers (Sharon Small) and DC Winston Nkata (Shaun Parkes) are close to bringing down organised crime boss Michael Shand (Tom Georgeson). But then their informant Roger Pollard is shot dead. His body is found on the south coast and it looks like a contract killing – a single bullet to the forehead. However, they soon discover there’s more to the shooting than meets the eye. Why was Pollard on the south coast when he was supposed to be under police protection in Manchester? And what leads can Carly Baker, who works on a local caravan site provide?

Guest stars include Shaun Parkes as DC Winston Nkata, Tom Georgeson as Michael Shand, and Esther Hall as Carly Baker.


Thursday 20 July 2006, 8pm, BBC One

Since Lynley’s (Nathaniel Parker) arrest and suspension for threatening a suspect, Havers (Sharon Small) has been without a partner. She begins a new case in Kent alongside the heavily pregnant, no-nonsense Detective Inspector Fiona Knight. Together, they investigate the murder of Edie Covington, whose body has been discovered in a local lake. Back in London, Lynley attends a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he can return to work. Following the hearing, Lynley begins to help Havers and Knight with their investigations. But, as the case unfolds with the discovery of another body and a kidnap, will Lynley’s unofficial involvement jeopardise his efforts to be reinstated?

Guest stars include Liza Tarbuck as DI Fiona Knight, Adrian Rawlins as Tim Sumner, George Costigan as Owen Harcourt Baines, Saskia Reeves as Eileen Humbolt, and Nicholas Gleaves as Dr Simon Wilson.


Thursday 3 August 2006, 8pm, BBC One

When aspiring lawyer Emily Proctor is found axed to death in Hyde Park, Lynley and Havers are drawn to the chambers of human rights lawyer Tony Wainwright and his clerk Hester Reed.
Wainwright’s passionate temper and a concealed affair with the victim seem to place him as the main suspect, but when Emily’s double life is exposed, Lynley and Havers enter a world of internet porn and a family haunted by secrets.

Guest stars include Samuel West as Tony Wainwright and Lindsey Coulson as Hester Reed.


Thursday 10 August 2006, 8pm, BBC One

When former war photographer Peter Rooker is shot, a murder trail from tabloid newspaper mogul Eddie Price and editor Melissa Booth is traced back to a family executed by the Serbian militia in Bosnia. When Lynley asks his wife Helen to assist him with unlocking the psychological history behind the killing, he sets in motion a tragic trail of events.

Guest stars include Danny Webb and Indira Varma.

Season 6



June 2007, Australian TV

Twelve years after a young boy went missing, his remains are discovered. Lynley who is a friend of the family tries to help them and the investigations. He embarks on an affair with the victim’s sister, but this ends in tragedy and Lynley becomes the prime suspect.


June 2007, Australian TV

The body of a schoolgirl is discovered in a secluded lake, and an autopsy reveals that she had committed suicide to escape captivity. Lynley and Havers try to find a second missing schoolgirl before she meets a similar fate.