The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (Official BBC Site)

Elizabeth George (Official Site)
Welcome to the Elizabeth George On-Line Web Site. Here you will find information on Elizabeth’s novels, her interests and travels. Please bookmark this page and return often as we will be continually revising and updating ELIZABETHGEORGEONLINE.COM.

Nathaniel Parker (Official Fansite)
This site represents the only official source of information on British actor Nathaniel Parker. It is a repository of news and reviews, but also a place to exchange thoughts and ideas on Nat’s work. It has been compiled by and for his fans over the last few years.

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (LJ)
This is a community for the BBC crime show The Inspector Lynley Mysteries based on the popular Elizabeth George novels, starring Nathaniel Parker as DI Thomas Lynley and Sharon Small as DS Barbara Havers. Feel free to join, write fanfic (the community is Lynley/Havers relationship friendly :D, no flames!), post fanart, and discuss the latest episodes or the novels.

BBCs Inspector Lynley (Yahoo Group)
This group is about the BBC-TV version of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries but does not exclude fans of Elizabeth George’s books.

In Divine Proportion (Yahoo Group)
This is a group for people who love to write and read fanfic. The main fanfic here is the Inspector Lynley mysteries but also other kind of fanfic can be placed here.

Inspector Lynley Mysteries (Yahoo Group)
This group began because I was unable to find a group to talk about the PBS/BBC series Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Now we are a group of good natured ILM fans who who span the globe! So if you love Thomas Lynley, Barbara Havers, Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small, and the Inspector Lynley Mysteries…this is the group for you.

InspectorLynley: The Punch & Judy Show (Yahoo Group)
A group for fans of DI Thomas Lynley and DS Barbara Havers – and of their relationship, especially of a romantic kind. No, this isn’t some silly fairy tale group: as Havers herself pointed out, the Lynley/Havers relationship isn’t Romeo & Juliet – “it’s more like Punch & Judy, actually.”

Save Inspector Lynley (Yahoo Group)
Save Lynley!